Sunday, 8 January 2012

2011 Knitting roundup!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

I've been so busy over the holidays and can't believe it's been so long since I updated here!

I want 2012 to be a year that I blog here at least once a week.

Every year at the end, I gather up all the pics of things I knit that year.

I did ALOT this year!

I made 25 Monsters, 23 other Stuffies, (some of the baby monsters I didn't count), a pair of lacey socks, a set of felted bunny slippers, an alpaca scarf, 3 baby sweaters (one not shown because I have to sew buttons on it yet), 3 felted Xmas tree ornaments, 2 felted bowls, 3 Gnomey knitting needle holders, a doggy bandana, 3 mini Zombies, 3 mini Santas, 2 mini Snowmen and participated in a community effort to make a baby blanket for a member of our group by making 4 squares for the blanket. Those are only the things I remember and took pics of! I think there's about a half-dozen others too.

On top of that I knit about 120 hexipuffs too -- some for my future blanket and about 2 dozen for swaps and gifts to other's blankets.

LOOK at them all!

I like to do this every year because it makes me feel a bit accomplished. I know I spent alot of time knitting but when you give away alot of it then at the end of the year you dont have alot to show for it, except photos ....... and smiles!

I don't really have any goals related to knitting for 2012. I'm currently doing some test knitting for other designers and pattern editing. I like that. I also want to knit a bazillion more hexipuffs, of course! I like the swaps too so I'm sure I'll participate in a few of those on Ravelry. I've often thought of getting back into designing a little after years of taking a break from it. I did design and sell some beautiful pieces years ago but never published patterns and maybe I should. It's something to think about anyhow!


  1. I LOVE all your finsihed objects! Awesome job!

  2. Wow!
    I didn't knit nearly that much this year :( I feel so slack.

    You had a massive monster jag though! *giggles*

    The Zombie pair will always be my favourite from this year though. I'm so jealous of the way the pooling turned out! And the pink/red eyes were perfection!

  3. Thanks, Mami Dearest ---- I didnt realize I knit so much until I put them all together in pics! ♥

  4. George! I knit like I maniac apparently! I think I am addicted to monsters --- I have a short attention span and they are fast and easy! Instant (almost) gratification!