Welcome and thanks for looking in!

My blog is about knitting with a few photos of my travels and outdoor adventures tossed in for a bit of variety. In the summertime my hubby and I spent most of our time at our cabin by the lake. In the wintertime we hibernate! ... it gets really cold where we are!

Besides knitting, I really enjoy the outdoors (hiking, canoeing, boating, swimming & gardening) & nature photography. I have a thing for gnomes, forest critters and chocolate covered pretzels. I enjoy reading and I really do like baking cookies.

I love to knit toys, monsters, baby clothes, mittens and lace. I have a yarn stash that, if laid out, would be about 150 kilometres long and more patterns than I will ever have time to knit in my lifetime. I love to join sock yarn clubs for the exclusive yarn only because I really don't enjoy making socks all that much. I've recently been bit by the Hexi-Puff bug (Beekeeper Quilt! so awesome, go look! lots of beautiful patterns!) and am obsessed with this very long term project. I love to do knitting swaps and I spend alot of time on Ravelry. The community there is like a family. I don't remember what we did before it!


Miss Cookie