Sunday, 26 May 2013


Wow!! I can't believe it's been over a year since I updated my blog!!! Shame on me!  I won't let that happen again!!!

The past year, we settled into our new house, I changed jobs after 12 years at the last one, added a new vintage car to my collection, a new kitty to the family and knit a bit.

We didn't travel much despite really wanting to! We went to Toronto for a week and hung out and shopped. A second trip to Toronto was thwarted by really bad weather. After alot of soul searching, I sold my cabin at the lake. While we loved it out there we just found the past few years it was more work and less relaxation. The property was almost 2 acres on the lake and that's alot of grass to cut and bush to tame. We were working every weekend there just to keep the status quo. Plus, we werent doing anything else or going anywhere else because we just felt so obligated to go to the cabin. I finally decided I would much rather use the money from the sale to do the trips we really want to do --- this year we are going to spend a week in London, UK then a couple more in Scotland. I'm ecstatically excited!!!  We also have plans over the next few years to visit all the fab places we have always wanted to go -- Paris, Venice, Vienna, Tibet, China and road trip all over Canada and the USA.

I didn't knit last year as much as I usually do, and again this year, so far, not so much either. It's still my favourite hobby though!

Anyhow, I promise to post more regularly again! .... with lots of knitting and travel and kitty and doggie pics!

xox ♥

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  1. Will you be coming to Amsterdam? Or shall I attempt a meet up in London? (no promises!)