Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Doggie Swap package received!

I joined the Dancing Dog Dyeworks First Anniversary Doggie Swap on their Ravelry group.

This was a secret swap --- I didn't know who I was receiving from, only who I was sending to. Swap packages were to include a knit doggie in a DDD wool, pattern and colours of your choice.

I finished up my partner's package and mailed it out a few days ago. She's in the USA though and I'm sure it will take at least a week to get there. I don't want to post pics of it until after she gets it.

The package that my secret spoiler sent me, however, arrived today! Yay!

From "MostlyMunchies" on Ravelry, I received such a fantastic package! I feel so utterly spoiled and I just love everything in the package.

There was so much in the box!! Two really adorable puppy pals (they are so cute I just LOVE them!), a gorgeous handmade gnome themed project bag, a little knit gnome, pink and yellow yarn, a small felted bowl with 2 mini balls of yarn for my Beekeeper’s Quilt, post it’s, a scented candle, lip balm, pretty stitch markers and a glow in the dark ball for my dog.

Here's some pictures ---

If my spoilee loves the package I sent even half as much as I love this one it will be awesome!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Beekeeper Quilt, week 3 check in

I got alot of puffs done in this past week and I have alot of pictures! I did a bunch for my own quilt plus 6 for swaps. Most of the ones that will end up in my quilt from this week were swap ones that just didn't cut it. They either didn't turn out as nice as I wanted them too or the charts were off centre a tad --- good enough for me but not a swap!

So, my total is up to 29 now plus 6 for swaps.

I've said it before but I have to say it again -- I am loving this project! I think it may be my favourite ever. Each little puff is like a project unto itself, especially when it's embellished with duplicate stitch or embroidery. I get such a little thrill each time I finish one. I can't wait till I get to a year from now and have enough for a blanket.

Here's some for my quilt... 

A mix of puffs... for mine and for swaps...

Swap puffs!!!

My first duplicate stitch attempt --- I think I am in love.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Yarn!

"Monster in the Lily Pond" by Dancing Dog Dyeworks as part of the 3 month Monster Mania Club 2.

I see a Harold monster in this yarn's future.

Beekeeper Quilt, week two check in

Week two brings me up to 20 puffs. I tried embroidering one and am planning on a whole bunch of charted puffs next week!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunset at the cabin

It's cool out now... definately not 'summer' cottage weather anymore. Fall isn't coming, it's here! When we are out at the lake, the leaves are changing colour and we wear our fleece sweaters and put a thermal blanket on the bed at night.

We didnt go out there this weekend. I needed a weekend at home to do some cleaning, laundry and catch up errands etc. I need to dig out all my cool weather clothes!

Hubby went out for the day with one of his friends to do a little yard work and winterize the cabin.

We'll go out again next weekend. I'm looking forward to a bonfire and hot cocoa by the water.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Beekeeper Quilt week one, check in

One week into my Beekeeper quilt and I've spent as much time looking at and touching, feeling, deciding on and playing with my yarn as I have knitting hexipuffs! I think this may turn into my most favourite project to work on, ever. I love each little puff itself and get a little thrill every time I finish one.

Check in total this week: 12 puffs.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Photos from the cabin

We spent the weekend at camp again. We tried and were fairly successful at going out there every weekend this summer. We might have missed one or two but not many. I went to knit-night at the LYS on Friday night then on Saturday we headed to the cabin. I was really, really sick with a cold from Friday so the weekend wasn't the greatest. I got very little sleep since I've just been up coughing lots. I hope I sleep tonight!

It was cold this weekend out there too... at night, it went down to about 2 degrees! Daytimes were around 15. We did not go swimming!

A few pics:

Thursday, 1 September 2011

FOs: A couple new monsters

I LOOOOVE this little guy and I think I need to make a bunch more!

Aren't those little toes and thumbs adorable!?

He's made of Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted - one of the Monster Mania yarn club shipments and is a swap monster I'll be sending to the daughter of a woman in the Dangercrafts Ravelry group. I may also *just* have enough to make one more.

This next one is made of Noro Aya which is a blend of cotton and silk with a teensy bit of wool in it. She's sooooooooo soft and cuddly and all mine! I sell or give away most of my monsters but she's for me. She's like a little pillow.