Sunday, 4 December 2011

Update! Kitteh

Wow! It's almost been two weeks since I updated! That's what I get for moving, eh!

We've been absolutely crazy-busy with packing and moving and starting to get the new house set up the past few weeks. It's really been nuts. We are just now finishing up the 'moving' part and now, onto the unpacking part. It's my least favourite part. I'd rather pack than unpack -- I find it really stressful trying to figure out where to put everything in a new place and get back into a regular routine.

So, I have no knitting to update on!

... though, I've finished putting together my TOK-mas swap package and it will go out in the mail tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll post pics of the goodies I made for it before it's received yet. I'm fairly positive my partner doesn't read my blog so I just may. The projects I did up, in my humble opinion, are awesome! So, maybe I'll share this week. 

I've also been putting the finishing touches on a package for another knitter who had a new baby. I'm sooooo slow though! Baby was born in August and life got the better of me and I am just now finishing up putting buttons on sweaters. I decided to add a couple little elves for her other kids too and may put in a diorama ornament too, if I can finish one by Tuesday night. I want to mail it Wednesday. 

So, for lack of knitting pics, I'll give you my kitteh.

Sleeping .... and behaving, for once.

Isn't he a goofball?

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