Friday, 9 December 2011

Settling In

I love my new house!

I love the huge windows that face the sunshine all day long. I love the soft shag carpet. I love the sauna. I love the new neighbourhood and the huge garden. I love the deer that walk around my property every day, despite the fact that they will eat my flowers in the summertime. I even love the dated wood-paneled rec room with it's fireplace.

I just love it here and am settling in comfortably. I still have a ton of boxes to unpack yet but I'll get to them ... eventually. The important things like wool, knitting needles, teapot, kitchen things and computers are unpacked.

Can't find our xmas decorations yet though! Will have to take care of that this week. Good thing my mom and auntie brought us a huge house-warming poinsetta plant.

Been getting alot of knitting and finishing done on some projects that have been sitting around awhile. My box for the TOKmas swap was mailed off to my spoilee on Monday. I finished up her Gnome Homes (for double-pointed knitting needles - or pencils!) and her Hopsalot bunny slippers.  Tracking the package shows that delivery was attempted and she should have a notification card to pick it up at the parcel depot. I'm excited and nervous! I hope she loves everything I sent her!

Also finished up a gang of Travelling Gnomes that I sent off as a gift to a fellow knittie. I forgot to take a pic so this is hers!

And... I finally finished this guy! Gort the monster (pattern from the Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger). I started him at the cottage this summer but only just had the time to finish him up the past couple days.

I have a ton of Xmas knitting yet to do and cards to mail out and gifts to buy and wrap! With moving, it's all been left to the last minute... but that's ok! I work really well under pressure! ♥


  1. Congrats on the house. We bought our house last summer and their is no better feeling when you get settled in! I got the Hopsalot pattern too, was it hard?

    Love Gort! I have some chroma I need to use!

  2. Oh fun moving, wish we can move sometimes, we are sometime planing to. love Gort. I have the hippo pattern to knit up sometime when i am done my xmas knitting I too work best with a time limit. lol zinnia234 in rav...♥

  3. Thank you, Isaida! We're so happy in this new house. I just love it. I only have a few things yet to unpack but they are in the rec room anyhow and I'm in no hurry.

    Hopsalots were soooo easy to make. I machine felted mine rather than hand felting like the pattern asked for and they turned out fine and my hands didnt hurt afterwards! If you do machine felt them just make sure to check them OFTEN for size. Sometimes they shrink fast! Make some! :-)

  4. Thanks, Zinnia! Moving was hell but living in the new place was SO worth it! :-)

    The little hippo makes such a cute project! I have the pattern too but haven't had a chance to make one. In the new year!

  5. I hope so too i have the yarn for it. :D